Customs Clearance

Trade Net (Pt) Limited, incorporated in 1993, is licensed custom clearing agent in Pakistan, serving the industry over the last 25 years for entire range of customs clearance services by a team of dedicated professionals who are expert in handling of different H.S.CODES and items of different nature against various PCT and appropriate S.R.O benefit wherever applicable.

Believing and focusing on speedy clearance, the key import and export activities of shipping and freights involving compulsory paper works are cautiously and swiftly taken care with complete guidance to the client with satisfaction. The essentialities of pre-preparation and documentation along with judgmental timing are well taken care of. We are always on our toes and abide to remain geared up to fulfill all the mandatory requirements that can give a jolt to the progress of any shipments.

Moreover, we have all the facilities, loading / unloading vehicles, presence of trained drivers and staff that help us to maintain the superiority of our business endeavors.. We are gravely concerned about the optimality of our operations and ensure that the cargo is cleared by the custom with all legal formalities. We keep a track of the cargo during motion and keep the customers updated for their convenience. Thus,

we strive our best to offer our customers every facility that will improve their efficiency and profitability and reduce the amount of time and money they expend on forwarding process. Our officials arrange for the customs-associated activities of our customers, thereby saving them from the hassle of going through the whole process themselves.